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First Year Programs for Expectant and New Parents

Year One Programyear 1 2

The Year One program is a wonderful way to get tried-and-true information and advice to guide you through the unique experience of pregnancy with and raising of multiples, as well as a great way to make acquaintance with other parents of multiples. The monthly Year One meetings are held in Seattle and are offered free of charge to members, as well as prospective members of SFOM who wish to learn more about club before joining. Gatherings are held on select Saturday mornings and includes a variety of speakers and panels to discuss topics and questions that frequently arise as you prepare for, and then, get to know, your new babies. This is a great opportunity to hear about resources and build relationships with other parents of multiples.

Visit our Year One Program page for additional information, including location, date and time of upcoming gatherings. Also, check out our suggestions for other resources for local parents.

SFOM PEMS Groups: Providing Early Multiples Support

SFOM is a member of the PEPS Network™.  We offer small age-based groups for families with multiples, targeting adjusted age 0-4 months, which are based on the model for parent peer-support groups used by PEPS – The Program for Early Parent Support™.

The SFOM PEMS Program is offered throughout the year, with groups starting almost every month. Groups meet for 2 hours every week for 8 weeks.  Visit our PEMS Program page for additional information about groups and how to register.  Also, check out our suggestions for other resources for local parents.

Seeking: Volunteer Group Leaders. If you’re an experienced parent of multiples and would enjoy supporting other new parents of multiples, learn more about volunteering to lead a PEMS group. Thank you!

Preemie Closet

SFOM provides members with free access to our Preemie Closet to borrow preemie clothes. This is a great resource since many multiples need preemie-sized clothing, but only for a short time — or you may not know until they’re home whether they need it or not. Twins and higher order multiples are generally at a higher risk of being born prematurely and at a lower birth weight. Fortunately, with help of new technologies, preemies do very well and grow quickly. Small babies do require preemie clothes although they grow out of them quickly. These clothes can be hard to find and expensive.

Contact info@seattlemultiples.org to borrow clothes, to return clothes that you’ve borrowed (don’t worry if it has been a long time!) or to make donations. The Preemie Closet depends on the donations and generosity of our members and others.

SFOM Consignment Sale

Ready to start getting some gear, clothes, and toys? Members get early entrance to the SFOM Consignment Sales. And, when the time comes to pass along some outgrown gear and clothes, members can sign up to be a seller. Sales happen in spring and autumn. Mark your calendar now for the upcoming sale!

Looking for additional support more specific to your family’s needs? Check out our Other Resources page.