A Club for Families of Twins, Triplets & More
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Financial Assistance

In support of our mission, Seattle Families of Multiples (SFOM) offers need-based financial assistance for membership dues. Our goal is that all local families of multiples have access to community and resources that support their journey and success as a family.

Step 1:  Complete and submit your membership application.
Step 2:  Upon review of your application, our Membership Administrator will send you a link to purchase your membership. If paying the full membership dues is a financial hardship, you can choose which sliding scale option is possible for your family at this time.

  • Choice A: $40
  • Choice B: $25
  • Choice C: $10
  • Choice D: $0 — to select Choice D, please email our Membership Administrator at info@seattlemultiples.org. They will follow up with you within a few days with instructions.

Volunteers welcome!

Build your community while giving back. While membership dues provide important financial support for the club, there are many ways to contribute — and connect! — within SFOM. We invite all members to share their skills and to give back within our community through volunteering. Because SFOM is entirely volunteer-run — by and for its members — your participation helps the club operate and gives you an opportunity to connect with other members and families in a meaningful way. Volunteer opportunities range from as little as 20-30 minutes at events for set up or clean up; to providing a welcome email to a new family; to volunteers who lead meetups, events, or our first year programs; to technical and communications support; to board positions. If time and/or skills is what you have to give, we would gratefully welcome your contribution to our community!

Questions? Contact us at info@seattlemultiples.org.