A Club for Families of Twins, Triplets & More

Former SFOM Executive Board Members

We thank our former executive board members, who have helped build and shape Seattle Families of Multiples, generously sharing their time, skills, and energy and acting as leaders and stewards within our club and community.

Presidents: Carolyn Hostetler & Anna Smith
Vice President: Sarah Larsen
Treasurer: Diane Wies
Secretary: Carrie Buonadonna

President: Angela Smith
Vice President: AnneMarie Kuhnau
Treasurer: Jenny Curtis
Secretary: Natalie Saint-Johnson

Presidents: Carolyn Hostetler & Angela Smith
Vice President: AnneMarie Kuhnau
Treasurer: Jenny Curtis
Secretary: Sarah Bell

President: Kristin Hutchinson
Vice Presidents: Kristen Guberman & Carolyn Hostetler
Treasurer: Lesley Isgur
Secretary: Sarah Bell