A Club for Families of Twins, Triplets & More
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Here are some of our favorite resources for parents of multiples in the Greater Seattle Area:

Resources for Expectant Parents

If you’re expecting multiples, taking a Multiples Childbirth Education class is an invaluable learning experience and an amazing opportunity to bond with other parents who are soon to have kids around the same as age yours! Both Swedish Medical Center and UW Medicine offer their own series of classes:

Resources for Members

  • Parent Connections List: SFOM maintains a helpful list of local parents of multiples who have offered to be points of contact for various topics (e.g. Pregnancy Complications, Feeding, Pediatric Health Issues, etc.) If you’re a member, you can request the Parent Connections List by emailing info@seattlemultiples.org.

Other Local Resources 

Other Local Multiples Clubs


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