A Club for Families of Twins, Triplets & More
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Meet the SFOM Board of Directors


Board Members at the SFOM Board Retreat, October 2016

SFOM is an entirely volunteer-run organization, and its success depends on members who share their time, skills, energy and enthusiasm within this community. The board is a group of parents who help plan how SFOM can best support our families, run and build current programs, host upcoming events, and create a vision for the future. We meet over snacks and treats one evening a month.

Please see the Events page for info on our upcoming Board Meetings.
Interested in joining? We have a few open roles to fill and we would love to see both new and familiar faces! If you are interested in joining the Board or just attending a meeting, please reach out to info@seattlemultiples.org.

2017-18 Board Members

President (Co-Presidents): Anna Smith & Carolyn Hostetler

Vice President: Sarah Larsen

Secretary: Carrie Buonadonna

Treasurer: Diane Wies

Membership Admin: Katy King

New Member Outreach:  Nicole Schick

Year One Co-Coordinators: Alaina & Katrina Alexander-Stern and Jessica Bjorklund

Playdates & Outings: Heather Pillsbury

5 & Up Coordinator: Heather Pillsbury

Multiples PLUS: Open

PEMS Leader Coordinator: Michelle Frindell

PEMS Participants Coordinator: Marloes Koning

PEMS Leader Trainer: Carolyn Hostetler

Sale Co-Coordinators: Jennifer Addis & Jonelli McGinnis

Sunshine Meals: Adrienne Gibson

Preemie Closet: Rebecca Piha

Website Administrator: Bryan Fuller

Members at Large: Angela Smith, AnneMarie Kuhnau, Natalie Saint-Johnson, Chris Shields, Robin Pharney