A Club for Families of Twins, Triplets & More
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Meet the SFOM Board of Directors


Board Members at the SFOM Board Retreat, January 2018

SFOM is an entirely volunteer-run organization, and its success depends on members who share their time, skills, energy and enthusiasm within this community. The board is a group of SFOM parents who plan how the club can best support our families, run and grow current programs, host upcoming events, and create a vision for the future.

Current members are always welcome at board meetings. We meet over snacks and drinks one evening a month to share some social time and hold a business meeting. Please see our Events page for info on our upcoming board meetings.

Interested in volunteering? Whether you are interested in building connections with other parents of multiples or looking for opportunities to use your skills in support of a non-profit, there are many ways give back within this community — from helping at a single event, to doing outreach to members, to volunteering in a role on the board. We are always looking for member volunteers and we enjoy seeing both new and familiar faces! If you are interested in learning more, you are welcome to attend a board meeting, or contact us at info@seattlemultiples.org.

2018-19 Board Members

President(s): Anna Smith & Sarah Larsen

Vice Presidents: Katrina Alexander-Stern & Carolyn Hostetler

Secretary: Carrie Buonadonna

Treasurer: Diane Wies

Membership Administrator: Katy King

New Member Outreach:  Nicole Schick

Sale Leads: Jonelli McGinnis, Erin Gutierrez and Sam Stimpson

Playdates & Outings: Heather Pillsbury & Holly Cowan

5 & Up (school-age) Family Meetups: Heather Pillsbury

Parent Only Outings: Cary Davis

Multiples PLUS Meetups (for families with multiples PLUS other children): Open

Year One Coordinators: Anna Van Pelt

PEMS Leader Coordinator: Michelle Frindell

PEMS Participants Coordinator: Marloes Koning

PEMS Leader Trainer: Carolyn Hostetler

Preemie Closet: Rebecca Piha

Sunshine Meals: Joanne Ko

Website Administrator: Open

Members at Large: Evie Allen, Robin Pharney, Chris Ward, Angela Smith, AnneMarie Kuhnau, Chris Shields

Thank you to our former board members! Your generosity, commitment, and stewardship has helped build what Seattle Families of Multiples is today.